About me

Back in 1996 I used the Internet for the first time, and it didn't take very long at all for my curious side to get the better of me and start investigating how these web pages were all put together. The way in which I built web pages pretty much evolved from nothing, starting with Microsoft FrontPage Express, before moving on to using the full version of Microsoft FrontPage, then onto Macromedia Dreamweaver, to where I am now, everything is hand coded.

Everything I know is self-taught and as I enjoy a challenge I try to push myself with each project I work on, effectively forcing myself to learn something new along the way.

I give special thanks for assisting me this previous year span along with my VA interest and my individual problems. You were truly over there for me. You are completely over there for our family. give special thanks in so many ways. With the regards of my relatives, and my numerous acquaintances we 'll be there for you.

These days, with regards to web development, there are two areas that are of particular interest to me, CSS and website accessibility. I used to be one of those people who thought that it wasn't possible to have an aesthetically pleasing, accessible website, and then I came across the CSS Zen Garden. This site is proof, if ever it was needed, of the amazing power of CSS, and the fact that an accessible website does not have to look like a boring one.

Aside from web development, I enjoy playing around with computers in general. I also like to watch hockey and work on my photography skills.